"We can't say enough about how great our experience with Tiffany was. We were trying to purchase a home in an incredibly competitive market and would not have been successful in finding a home if we would have had a less experienced realtor.

Tiffany was incredibly knowledgeable and familiar with the area that we were looking in (North Dallas, Plano, Frisco). As our search area expanded to new areas, she knew our preferences and every house that we looked at was one that we could have seen ourselves in.

We actually ended up in a house slightly outside of our search area but it turned out to be the perfect match for us. We've now been living in the house for three months and love it. When we eventually sell our house, we'll definitely be using Tiffany again!"

William Davis

"My family and I have had an ongoing business relationship with Tiffany for 15+ years. She is even more energetic today than when we first met her! She has been in the real estate business for 20+ years and knows more than anyone else we have ever dealt with. She is in tune with the latest home trends whether its in actual real estate or in the decor inside. We absolutely would recommend her for any needs related to all aspects of buying, selling or remodeling! She is totally top notch!!"


"Tiffany has done a rare thing. She earned my trust. Professional,. Personal. Unlimited knowledge of the Fort Worth Dallas area. Funny as hell! Extremely perceptive. Does not waste the client's time. She is the best realtor I have ever worked with."

Ernest C. Hockaday

"Tiffany came highly recommended to me by a friend. The very nice things they said about Tiffany were all true. She showed an extreme amount of knowledge of house construction, home selling features and of the housing markets in the Plano and Frisco areas. Unfortunately, my need for a realtor came about during a difficult moment in life, as I was selling my home as a result of a divorce. Tiffany's applied the right patience but also push when needed to make good decisions. Her extreme kindness during the process all the while working very hard in the background to make sure the sale went through is a testament to her level of professionalism but also her level of honesty and compassion for others. I would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."

Philip Lombardo

"I am not usually a letter writer, but I wanted to write you this letter to tell you of the exceptional service we received from Tiffany. My husband and I have relocated throughout the country a total of 8 times for my husband's work. We are very familiar with realtors having bought and sold several homes. Through my husband's employer, CDMSmith, we were referred to Ebby Realtor and Tiffany. Not being familiar with the Dallas area I wasn't sure what location I wanted to buy a house in. Most of the realtors I have used in the past tend to pull or push you in one direction - not Tiffany – she allowed me to search from one end of Dallas to the other and every suburb in between until I determined the location that I wanted to be in. This entailed almost daily trips all over the place! I wasn't even sure if I wanted new construction, a two story, a ranch, etc. She NEVER once made me feel that I was being difficult, NEVER once rushed me, a NEVER once gave me bad advice! She showed me everything and then we narrowed it down to a specific area and then saw every house that came on the market daily – until we found the house I wanted in the location I wanted and then we were able to successfully get it under contract (with three other offers on the first day the house hit the market!)"

"I can honestly say that she is the only realtor I would recommend (or have ever recommended) to anyone. She was invaluable when giving me opinions on houses that we were looking at – mostly pointing out pros and cons of the properties we looked at. My husband and I really felt she was looking out for our best interest and kept us from making mistakes and kept telling us to be patient that we would find what we were looking for and we did! The Dallas market is crazy and I was grateful for Tiffany. Always in a good mood and always telling me how blessed she is to have a job that she loves."

"She has gone above and beyond for us and still several months after closing I find I call her for advice on home projects! She has so many contacts in Dallas and we are so happy that we were paired with her because she made this the easiest relocation that we have ever had. I have also let Relocation Plus (CDMSmith's relocation company) know just how wonderful Tiffany was and is. You should clone her!"

Sincerely, Scott and Renee Simpson

"I was informed you lead the relocation team within Ebby Halliday and wanted to take a few moments and share our recent relocation experience."

"As one can imagine, relocating within a city is stressful enough, let alone moving halfway across the country. We recently moved from Virginia, were introduced to Tiffany Sharkey through our relocation company (Grabel Relocation) and we are so glad to have her in our corner. From the onset, she was highly engaged and guided us through the whole home buying process in the Dallas/Plano/Frisco area. Tiffany understood our key requirements and was able to immediately zero in on the builders, homes, and neighborhoods we needed to see in our search (which was extremely critical to us, given the limited timeframe of our move)."

"An advocate for her clients, Tiffany was always there in person and guided us in every negotiation throughout the whole process - from the search for a home, to the contract, to the closing. She was able to schedule the various inspections required for our home purchase - which was extremely helpful to us, given that we were brand-new to the area. We received the highest level of personal attention from her on every turn, regardless of whether we were in-state or out-of-state. Always available, she truly went the extra mile to help us make this as painless a transition as one could ever expect."

"Tiffany is genuine, relatable, and we are truly happy to call her our first new friend in Texas. We had imagined a rather stressful move and it was anything but that, all thanks to Tiffany. We would have no ounce of hesitation recommending her expertise to anyone relocating or planning to purchase a home in the area."

Best, Mo & Christina Gupta

"Tiffany Sharkey is one of those rare throwbacks from a time when real estate agents were actually trained and brought more to the table than than just a pen to sign their commission check! She's very knowledgeable, well informed and professional.
First of all, she knows her markets (notice the plural). She knows the comps, the best desirable areas, the areas to stay away from, unique obstacles or advantages to different, upcoming zoning changes, infrastructure changes and issues, planned retail and new development, etc. One might say that's good but a lot of agents know the above. Based on my experiences I would disagree. But wait, there's so much more!"

"Tiffany knows all the builders, the principals, their history, which ones went belly up, left their customers holding the bag with no warranties and are now re-organizng under a new name,etc. Which ones have a bad reputation in the market. Very important stuff to know when making a several hundred thousand dollar investment into a home. Are you starting to see where Tiffany separates herself from the pack? Good, cause there's more!"

"She's an excellent negotiator and advocate no matter what side she represents. She's not afraid to go in and support you with a number that YOU feel comfortable with even though it may result in her losing a sale and potential commission check! Many real estate agents are so scared of losing the sale they'll steer you in whichever direction the wind is blowing, which is a scary prospect indeed in Texas where the the wind is always kicking up a storm! Not Tiffany, she'll stay the course as long as feasible. Hmmm, that gap is widening more and more, huh? Good, cause there's still more!"

"Where Tiffany is really unique and in my opinion unparalleled is her knowledge of construction, building materials, the construction process from developer to builder, workmanship, tricks builders use to save money, etc. If you go into a home with Tiffany she'll be away to tell you in short fashion where the builder cut corners, point out cheap materials, poor workmanship, etc. What's really incredible is that not only can she identify these problems but she can also give you a technical explanation of how these issues developed and explain the process the builder should have used to do it right. Amazing!"

If you're a guy, put your pride aside because more than likely Tiffany knows more than you! Instead, let her get behind the wheel and drive. Oh yeah, bring your hard hat, steel toe boots, overalls and lunch bucket because Tiffany is going to take you places and teach you things you might never find out. And in my book that's always a good thing!"

"Highly recommended!!! She will be our realtor for life."

Blake and Sandy Burrus

"Tiffany has been our realtor for the sale of 3 homes and the purchase of 3 new homes in Frisco. She is extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhoods in the area and the value of homes in each area. Tiffany listens to the customer to find the best fit for a new home as well as the things that matter in the sale of their home. We highly recommend Tiffany and would use her again for future home sales and purchases".

Amy and Darrell Wilson, Frisco, Texas

"Tiffany promised she could sell our home in a flash, and she did just that! Our quirky little home I thought would never sell sold in 33 days! She is accessible, a tough but thoughtful negotiator, knowledgeable on all the neighborhoods in the area we were interested in, and a behind-the-scenes rock star. For our home sale AND purchase, I am really grateful we choose Tiffany. Our house was sold and we were settled in our new home in no time at all."

Shelley and Gary Miller

"Tiffany is our Realtor and provided great knowledge and customer service when we bought our home in Frisco, TX. Her integrity, research, knowledge and responsiveness were commendable and second to none. She not only engaged with us actively but also displayed the same level of superior service even after the sale was closed."
Thank you Tiffany!"

Lee and Syndee Pyke

"Tiffany and her team are true professionals, not to mention they are experts in the Frisco and surrounding markets. She understands the market and can help her clients find their new home by applying her expertise. Not only is Tiffany a pro, she is great with people and builds strong relationships. Her skillset is perfect when helping the first time home buyer or the growing family that needs to sell their home!"

Bill Morris

"We have known Tiffany for almost 10 years. She helped us purchase a home back in 2003 and we reached out to her again when we sold it in 2008 to move out of state. When we returned to the Frisco area in 2011, Tiffany was the only realtor we wanted to help us find our next home."

"Throughout our buying and selling of homes, Tiffany has always taken the time to fully understand what we wanted and helped us throughout the entire process. She was always willing to go anywhere at any time to show us a house whether it was pre-owned or new."

"However, her talents go far beyond the ability to simply open lock boxes and get you into a house. As part of a family that builds custom homes, she has full knowledge of things most of us don't know about and without her advice, wouldn't even have the knowledge to ask about. She not only knows about all aspects of the home you can visibly see, she has full knowledge of what is behind the walls or what should be behind the walls and isn't shy about asking. I think that is what we liked about her the most…she knows what you want, she works extremely hard to find it for you, and is very direct with the seller/builder in order to get you the most bang for your buck. She is also honest with us as clients so we fully understood the process whether we were buying or selling and let us know if what we were asking for have been unreasonable in the current market or the area were looking in."

"We are currently building a home in Prosper and plan on staying there for years to come. However, I can assure you when it comes time to finally sell it, we will be calling Tiffany and praying she is still in the real estate business!"

Bob and Nikki Sheely, Prosper, Texas

"We have used to The Sharkey Group to purchase and sell several of our homes in Frisco. She has extensive knowledge of the real estate market, as well as the selling and purchasing process. She has always proven to be fair and honest and always returns phone calls and emails immediately.

I would highly recommend Tiffany to friends and family without hesitation."

Pam Stone

"The Sharkey group helped us tremendously by staying updated on the market in our area and jumped on the house we wanted when it came back on the market after a failed attempt to save it from going into foreclosure as the result of the sellers original agent. They were very professional and always where there when we had questions about the entire profess from the get go to the very end when we signed on the dotted line."

Jacob and Shelly Spangler, Trenton, Texas

"Tiffany helped us sell our house in Gunter, a very small and remote community. Her help and expertise were invaluable in closing the sale. She also worked closely with us on pricing / marketing the house to gain maximum visibility and value in a tight market."

Mark and Teresa Shelton, Gunter, Texas

"Tiffany is one of the best Realtors I've ever met. Whether it is her presentation in the listing process of selling your home or the buying process. Her knowledge of the real estate market is amazing!! She knows the market inside and out and will go beyond your expectations in any aspects of the business. Above all she has integrity. Which is rare in this world today. After working with her you will surely recommend her to all your friends. After our experience we refer friends to her and her only. Thank you Tiffany for all your hard work in selling our home and finding us a new place to call home! "

Maria and Alberto Rios

"My father-in-law is what I consider an excellent realtor. I would be hard pressed to decide between the two if asked. Tiffany Sharkey is very knowledgeable about the North Texas area - specifically the Prosper, Frisco, Celina, McKinney communities. She is a lifelong resident of Prosper and the surrounding area for most of her life. I trust her knowledge and her experience. I purchased a home through her and I currently have my home listed with Tiffany. I have the confidence that in this market, Tiffany will do everything possible to sell my home."

Jordan McMaken

"I have had a wonderful experience with Tiffany. She has done everything possible to market our home. We've had many showings due to her marketing abilities. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of an agent."

Brandi Hurley

"Tiffany is very easy to work with. We have worked with her twice and have recommended her in the past. She's very knowledgable and is very confident in her work. She gives great advice and is on top of everything that need to be done. She's very reliable, trustworthy and sociable."

Michael and Lauren Davenport

"Tiffany was expectional during the process of selling our home. Tiffany walked us through the process the whole way. Her confidence, expertise and concern for our best interests made us feel at ease knowing she had everything under control. Anyone who wants to get the most out of their home needs to work with Tiffany Sharkey."

Darrell and Kristi Starkweather

"Tiffany helped us in finding our dream home. Not only is Tiffany an excellent realtor, but she is a woman with amazing character, tenacity and passion for what she does. She carefully listened to our needs, returned our telephone calls and thoroughly answered all of our questions. She truly is excellent at what she does and the added bonus is that she is a joy to be around. We will always use Tiffany for our real estate needs."

Sabrena and Bruce Blay

"5 STARS FOR THIS REAL ESTATE AGENT!! Tiffany was professional and efficient. She was on top of every inquiry on our house. She had our house sold in 12 days!! She knew the right thing we needed to get the house show ready. A complete expert! I highly suggest her to sell or buy!"

Michael and Cyndi Heath

"Tiffany helped my husband and I buy our first house. She didn't just show us houses she helped us learn the area so we could truly find the house perfect for us!  She explained everything so we weren't lost or nervous about anything. Helped us make educated decisions and recommended professionals for possible repairs. Tiffany even battled for days for us and made sure we secured an amazing price! We will definitely use Tiffany again when it's time for more space!!!"

Dr. Veronica Mueller DDS

"I felt the need to take this moment to voice my appreciation for your exceptional attention to our needs while building this home. We have built five new homes in the past twenty years, and our experience with Stonegate Construction and owners Scott Davis and Tiffany Sharkey was by far the best. From the quality construction and materials to the flexibility in meeting our expectations on the more intricate details, your finished product was superior."

"Thank you for making our home such a wonderful place for our family."

Karen Lee Maddox

"My wife and I have bought/sold 5 houses in two countries and Tiffany is by far the best realtor we have ever worked with. In 2011 we were living in the city but looking for 2-10 acres with a house so that we could have our horses with us. That variability in lot size is tough to deal with as it captures a wide variety of house types and qualities. But Tiffany treated each place with the same amount of respect, providing advice and coaching without telling us what to do. She did amazing background checks on each place; even those that we were unlikely to pursue further. This helped us trust that she didn't have an agenda or preconceived notion of what we wanted. This was important because WE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT WE WANTED! We just knew that we would "know it when we saw it". And that's what happened. The second last thing I'll say is that she was a joy to be with! She truly loved our kids who often came with us and provided their insightful critiques of each place. And her vivacious smile and positive attitude made the house shopping experience enjoyable. That's not something you can always say about house shopping! The last thing I'll say is I HAVE recommended Tiffany to a friend and he ended up buying the property next to ours!! Good job Tiffany, you were a pleasure to be with!"

Dan Block, Plano, Texas

"I have enjoyed working with Tiffany buying and selling 4 houses over the past 11 years! Because she's been in the business over 20 years, she's very knowledgable in real estate and the Frisco area. She can also provide you with a list of experienced contractors to help fix or update your home!"

Jeff and Ava Shaddock, Frisco, Texas

"We had the fun task one summer of selling two houses while searching for and then moving into a third, all before the new school year started! After weeks with another realtor who couldn't close a sale on either of our homes, we met Tiffany at an open house and signed on with her. She had both of our homes sold and us into our dream home in no tme at all! She knows this market and has great relationships with a great network of realtors, decorators, handymen and people in the mortgage industry. She is by far one of the best around!!"

Debbie and Lance Cardella, Plano, Texas

"I met Tiffany almost 15 years ago when my family and I first moved to the Frisco area. My wife and I were immediately drawn to her infectious energy, her professionalism, and her knowledge of the housing market in DFW. Over the past 15 years I have bought and sold 5 houses, and Tiffany has represented me in all of those transactions. I would highly recommend Tiffany Sharkey, and the Sharkey Group, to anyone thinking of buying or selling a home."

Kathy and Jeff Patterson, Frisco, Texas

"The Sharkey Group is the 'go to team'. They know everything that was is real estate. Unstoppable!! Thanks for everything tiff! You answered every question I had and my experience with you has made me want to change my career path to a real estate agent as well. See you on the flip side;)"

William and Alisha Maddox, Rowlett, Texas

"We were recommended to Tiffany as we are relocating from Illinois to Texas. She is amazing to work with & she knows her stuff! She is the best of the best!"

John and Grace Stillman, Dallas, Texas